Apex Electrics Limited was founded, established, and registered in Tanzania under the Companies Act, of 2002. Apex Electrics Limited based but not limited to Arusha region focus mainly on: Manufacture of Electrical equipment, Wholesale of electronic and Telecommunication equipment, ICT services, Advertising, Repair of electrical, electronic and optical equipment.

Message from the CEO Apex Electrics Limited is solution based focusing on delivering what the best technology can offer. At Apex always I have been feeling the energy to serve our client with loyalty and integrity. Apex is the place where problems meet solutions and therefore, problems hate the place. Cooperating with us is a life-telling experience, Apex handles your business so that you focus on your customers. “Apex lit your way”.

Apex Value Apex Electrics Limited has a market base that enjoys stable , reliable and cost-effective services. Timely satisfaction of clients has been a focal point, the in-depth understanding of technologies driving today’s world has been a good helper to attain client’s needs and desires.